Retreats for Mind & Body

Soul Motivation will have its first retreat “Biblical Meditation – A Source of Constant Answers” at Living Waters on Lake Travis, located in the hill country near Austin, Texas September 12-14, 2014.

Even though many people read and study their Bible often and diligently, they may have never meditated on Scripture as a practice. This type of meditation will offer you constant answers to the attacks in your mind and spirit.

Join Joseph Stingley for a weekend retreat program full of classes that creatively combine practices such as sitting and walking meditation, journaling, self-inquiry, and more. The program teaches Biblical Meditation and emphasizes a renewed mind rather than lectures. This weekend is the start of a discipline that leads to a relationship with God that you may have never experienced before.

Throughout the weekend, Joseph will offer a variety of classes (intentions, meditation, and the physical practice of yoga) specifically designed to focus and renew your mind and body. No matter what spiritual condition you find yourself in, this retreat will help train your spirit, mind, and body to be open to heaven. God will speak!

This is a grand adventure with your name on it. It’s an opportunity for God to start a great work in you and will bring it to a flourishing finish on every level of your life. Through this practice and process, you will find your path being redirected, rescued from temptation, and re-energized from despair.

Biblical Meditation is a tool that can relieve the hardships of life, transforming vicious cycles of defeat into a practice of serenity. Your mind has the potential for a tremendous transformation that can come from developing a regular Biblical Meditation Practice. It does work!

The retreat location can accommodate up to 15 overnight guests with options for private rooms/baths, shared rooms/baths, and for camping. The property is blessed with an abundance of nature including deer, birds, butterflies, crickets, hummingbirds, and more. It is a beautiful, friendly and peaceful place.

During this retreat, attendees will participate in morning walking meditations, group discussion, journaling, and the physical practice of yoga with a scriptural-based meditation.

You will also be nourished with 6 healthy vegetarian meals by our on-site Private Chef.

Space is very limited so please reserve your spot early.

Register by July 28, 2014 and receive an early bird discount!

Retreat Schedule


  • 4-6pm: Check-in to Living Waters, explore the property, enjoy appetizers & tea by the lake, thai massage available
  • 6:15pm: Welcome to “Biblical Meditation – A Source of Constant Answers” Weekend!
  • 7pm: “What is Biblical Meditation – A Source of Constant Answers” ~ a short group class session on “Biblical Meditation” and journaling, along with a slow and grounding yoga practice encouraging you to experience your first biblical meditation practice


  • 7:15am: Breakfast
  • 8am: “Scriptural Meditation – Morning Walk”
  • 8:30am: “Creating a Biblical Meditation” ~ a group class session, journaling, a foundational yoga practice creating our mold for the weekend
  • 10:30am: “Entering the Battlefield” ~ a group class session, journaling, and an energizing yoga practice to strengthen your spirit, mind, and body
  • 12pm: Lunch
  • 1-4pm: Free time to relax, sight see (we are in a very beautiful location), explore the area, quiet time with God, read, play, swim, soak in the hot tub
  • 4-5:30pm: “The Secret of Mind Attacks” ~ a group class session, journaling, a heart-opening yoga class
  • 6:30pm: Dinner
  • 7:30pm: “A Biblical Meditation of Setting You Free” ~ a group class session, journaling, a playful practice of partner yoga, music, herbal teas, and chocolate


  • 7:15am: Breakfast
  • 8am: Morning journaling discussion and sharing
  • 8:30am: “A Promise of Biblical Meditation” ~ a group class session, journaling, learning to trust the Divine guidance of your meditation intention, manifesting something in your life
  • 9:30am: “The Process of Biblical Meditation” ~ tap into the powerful source that connects all
  • 10:30am: “Completeness & Wholeness” ~ creating a solid scriptural structure your for life, a group class session, journaling, a slow flow yoga practice
  • 12pm: Lunch
  • 1pm: Check-out of the retreat and into your rich and more peaceful life!

Retreat Packages & Accommodations

Our main gathering space is the luxurious La Casa de Joy straw bale home, which was featured on HGTV, Designing Texas, & Natural Home Magazine. It is the tallest straw bale home in Texas and was originally built by artist & healer, Joanna Long. Her creative energy is felt throughout the entire property! Please choose from the following retreat packages:

  • Earth Package: $299 early/ $349 reg. includes all yoga, activities, & meals (no accommodations- ask about local hotels or on-site camping).
  • Water Package: $399 early bird/ $449 reg. includes camper-style bunk bed in The Bunk Room Eco-Cabin, shared room & bath, all yoga, activities, & meals.
  • Heart Package: $499 early bird/ $549 reg. includes full-size futon mattress in The Blue Loft Eco-Cabin, shared room & bath, kitchenette, all yoga, activities, & meals.
  • Air Package: $599 early bird/ $649 reg. includes private room with queen bed & private bath, all yoga, activities, & meals ($100 discount for shared bed). Choose to stay in the Upstairs of La Casa de Joy, The Cottage, or The Romantic Red Room Eco-Cabin.

For photos of each accommodation, please click here!

Accommodations are on a first come basis and space is limited so please reserve your spot early. We only have 15 spaces available for the entire weekend retreat. This retreat will SELL-OUT!


  • Please complete the following on-line application form(required) and we will contact you shortly to complete the registration process.
  • Advanced payment is required and you must be paid in full by July 28, 2014 to receive the early bird discount.
  • 50% refund will be offered before August 7, 2014, no refunds after.
  • For questions, email click here now or call 817.897.6239



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