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Joseph”s DVDs Are Available For Purchase! You can still practice yoga with Joseph. His DVDs allow you to continue to experience his way of teaching helping to promote weight loss, muscle tone, and increased peace of mind. Ready to purchase? "Click Here Now!

Marketing/Events Inquiries - Email Katey at katey@soulmotivation.com.

Private Yoga Sessions. Call 817.897.6239 or email us at info@soulmotivation.com.

Joseph’s Blog
  • Being Compassionate Toward Yourself!: SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT . . . fall in love or back in love with yourself. Be attentive, gentle, kind and loving with yourself. Make the time throughout each day to tend to your needs, just as you would tend to someone you loved deeply and dearly. Loving and taking care of yourself this way will not be a waste of time. As you do these loving things for yourself, you will experience the magic of life returning. Your life will improve. Mine did. You will also feel better, too! In the end, the better and more often you tend to...